Why I bike

The city I live in has a bad reputation. It isn’t said to be beautiful (which is true) and many have heard of its Nazi communities or the “no-go-area” (where I live). According to the story in a national newspaper, basically everyone here is unemployed, illegal or criminal. The police must be pretty busy, dealing […]

Day Savers

To do some research I had to go to Otta, a small town 250 kilometers south-east of Trondheim. The nearly four hour ride (Norwegian roads and speed limits… ) led through spectecularly beautiful landscape, up and down the mountains, but it was challenging to keep concentrated on driving. I was nervous about the ride back […]

Hei til deg, Norge!

My job leads me to Norway this week so today – again – I got up at 4 and travelled to Stavanger – on time! I’ve been super excited about this because it’s my first time in Norway, SKAM-country with its oh-so-cheerful language, but it feels like the first day was rather non-Norwegian. When I […]

NYC in 141 and a half words

Four days. On my own. Crowded. People. Black. Brown. Yellow. Red. White. Mixed. People. Rainbow-colored. Glittering. Celebrating. Proud. People. Pride. Marching. English. Spanish. French. Some German, complaining of course. Chinese. Dutch. Swedish. Some Norwegian, delighted of course. Bedford-Stuyvesant. Baptist church. Gospel. Worship. Block party. Firework. Street food. Street fruits. Mexican, Indian, Cuban cuisine. A burger. […]

Off to America

I’m typing this text at a gate at Frankfurt Airport. It’s a big day. For the first time in my life I’m travelling to the US, and even more, leaving Europe, the continent I love. And already now, I’ve spent incredibly much time, thoughts and effort on this journey. Of course the only reason why […]


It’s Karneval at home! From an intellectual perspective I understand that people find this tradition entirely weird but honestly I feel deeply sorry for them. Those who do not love Cologne’s mentality have not understood this local patriotism paired with tolerance, expressed in thousands of songs: People sing to their city, its quarters and colors, […]

Food recommendations vol. 4

Finally, the Stockholm food guide comes to an end. FLFL: delicious Levantine kitchen, much space to sit and still a nice atmosphere. Södermalm. Lily’s Burger: Authentic American burger place with good and fat burgers and super sweet milkshakes for reasonable prices. Södermalm. Phil’s Burger: Upper Class style and higher prices compared to Lily’s. Nevertheless good […]

Fika/food recommendations vol. 3

Princess Konditoriet: Classy Swedish cake shop with a gigantic offer of sweets and pastries. Lidingö. Stikki Nikki: Among the best ice cream shops I’ve visited in my life (which are many!). Gigantic portions. Södermalm/ city center/ … Karla Café: a bit pricey with a slightly upper class feeling, but calm, classy and nice. Östermalm. Fotografiska: […]

Fika redommendations vol. 2

I promised to continue my list of food and fika places in Stockholm. So here we go. Vurma: two branches with extremely good food, smaller meals and cake/ pastries. Colorful, exotic style. Very friendly staff at Birger Jarlsgatan, very cozy atmosphere near Vasaparken. Absolutely recommendable! Östermalm/ Vasastan. Louie Louie: fika and smaller food in American […]

Fika recommendations vol. 1

I’m traveling back, I’m not happy about it but instead of writing a lot about dorky feelings, I’ll do something useful and document the fika and food places I’ve visited in Stockholm during the last months. Café String: Good pastries and a great and reasonable brunch buffet on weekends. The place’s style is a combination […]

The Stockholm syndrome

I discovered an effect that is very common among people here and I wanna call it the Stockholm syndrome. People suffering from it tend to revolve around themselves in a certain way I’ll try to explain. It’s common to meet people that grew up here, never lived anywhere else and don’t plan to do so […]

The same procedure as… never before

The original plan for this New Year’s Eve had been to spend it together with my friends Helen and Michelle. As usual for these kinds of plans, things went back and forth and ended up entirely different from the first idea. I finally spent the night with Michelle (as planned!) and my friend Caro plus […]

The Ronja experience

Seven square meters in a cabin entirely made of wood. No running water, no electricity. A doorless outhouse. Not even eight hours of daylight a day. A twenty minutes walk to the next road accessible for cars. Miles and miles of forest. 48 hours alone. I guess this business trip last week was a rather […]

Lovely November

One of the good things with Stockholm is that nature is so close. Yesterday morning, my friend Caro and I took a boat from the city to the island Svartsö to spend our weekend in the archipelago. This evening we came back and in between it felt like far away on holiday. Most people probably […]

…and some culture, please.

Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern, better known as Dramaten: A majestic entrance, venerable stairs and pillars, marble, gold, paintings, several floors and balconies. Visiting this should probably be a special event. Something you’ve been looking forward to for weeks, a birthday present, together with friends or family. When I went there, nothing of this was the case. […]

Rosenhill – it’s real

These days I had the possibility to visit what my friend Caro calls “a very special place”. And indeed, it is. Rosenhill is an organic farm, a café and a cider grower at the same time. During this time of the year, lots of woofing people from everywhere are producing hundreds of liters of apple […]

Introduction to stereotypization

There are different levels of Swedish clichés. On the first level: red wooden houses and furniture with funny names. Later on maybe Lucia. Then you even learn about local clichés. I haven’t reached the highest level of chliché-knowledge but yesterday on a pub crawl at university I definitely met two real Stockholm-guys. It has something […]