So now I’m leaving. Well, not exactly, but three days from now I will be right on my way to Sweden. As early as a few weeks ago my friend Helen asked me how I was planning to inform my friends and everyone else interested about my life and experiences during the time in Stockholm. Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? Or just a classic WordPress blog? I am not much into this social media stuff, especially in view of my job as a journalist. I am one of these old fashioned ones writing for a printed magazine, made of paper. Wood, you know. But of course I see the point in Helen’s suggestion. It is obvious that the world needs to be informed about my life. If not mine, who else’s?

I finally decided for the blog thing but I don’t want to bother you with an overload of text. That’s why I’m going to steal the genius idea of some young Germans who once founded the blog (Read it!) Thus, none of my texts will have more (or less) than 1000 characters. Not even this one. To be continued.