Europe’s changing

During the past 15 years I have travelled a lot across Europe, but today, something is different.

Planning my journey I chose to avoid some carbon dioxide, earache and busy airports and booked a train via Hamburg and Copenhagen. After we have passed the Danish border some policemen enter the train. They’re kind but they want to see everyone’s passport. When the train starts moving again I see a family standing outside on the platform next to the policemen: Three children, a man, a woman wearing a Hijab. I saw them entering the train in Dortmund and mainly recognised their giant luggage. Lucky me, I thought, their bag is even bigger than my one. Again, a ‘lucky me’ comes into my mind, but it’s a bitter one.

Later in Copenhagen I want to enter the train to Sweden. Again I have to show up my passport, this time to some tall men wearing bright yellow “Security”-jackets. And isn’t it ironic: When I look at them it’s obvious that their ancestors were born somewhere else, far south of Denmark.


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