…but Europe still exists

Really, I didn’t mean to only write serious texts on this blog but I just have to add something to the rather negative episode on Friday. Right after I had passed the border I started to experience Europe in a different way – the way I know it, the way I love it.

I spent the weekend with my Swedish friend Michelle at her parents’ house in southern Sweden. Since I met Michelle in Gothenburg nearly six years ago she has studied in Uppsala, Freiburg, Constance and Barcelona. She graduated there a few weeks ago which gave her a reason to invite a bunch of friends from everywhere for a party.

Being right on my way from Dortmund to Stockholm I talked to Fanny from Sweden at the party. She also was moving – to Brussels together with her German boyfriend. Michelle, on the other hand, is moving to Berlin in a couple of days. Someone had studied in Reykjavik, someone in Groningen. While talking, many of us switched from German to Swedish to English every two minutes. This is Europe at its best.


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