Stockholm, you’ve got me

I’ve always been skeptical about Stockholm but only the last two days (and especially this night) made me reverse that decision.

Thanks to Stockholms Kulturfestival, I spent the evening dancing to funky music on Gustav Adolfs Torg, next to the water, between Opera, Parliament and the Royal Castle. And some random beautiful Stockholm houses (each of them would be a sight in Dortmund, but I guess I shouldn’t even start this comparison). During the concert a rainbow appeared, someone made soap bubbles and the full moon rose right next to the castle. True story.

And then “Angels’ Market” started, a piece of modern art in which some performers dressed in white slid along steel ropes tens of meters up in the air. They had music, light effects – and feathers!! It ended with millions of feathers coming down from the sky until the ground (and everyone standing on it) was covered in white. Like a snow storm, just dry. Or being right inside a pillow. It was just amazing. Stockholm, you’ve got me.



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