Into the blue

I’ve been to Stockholm’s archipelago in May 2014, but because of 13 degrees and drizzle, I experienced it mainly as a grey-greenish and quite wet landscape back then. Not really the image all the Sweden-loving Germans have in mind when thinking about Saltkrokan.

Today I gave it a second chance and well – I got that image, as blue and beautiful as it should be. Blue-yellow-crossed flags waving in front of the light blue sky decorated with some perfect white clouds spanned above a vastness of deep blue water.

I visited the island called Gällnö, walked between meadows of flowering clover, picked blueberries in the forest, heard even someone play the accordion there and passed the probably happiest herd of cows on earth. When I sat down at some rocks beneath the water I had the feeling that this would be the perfect place and time for bathing. I had neither a towel nor a bikini with me, but that didn’t matter. There was no one around and the sun was shining. That unplanned dopp made my day.



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