Welcome to paradi…ehm, Sweden!

The first official Welcome-event for exchange students at Stockholm University mainly taught me three things:

  1. Swedish Institutions will take care of you.
  2. Swedes love their clichés.
  3. They know how to promote themselves.

During 4.5 hours we got information about almost everything – wifi access, evacuation plans and health advices: According to the university’s nurse I should call her if I happen to wake up in some bed next to an unknown person wondering about the consequences. Another word of wisdom: “A knäckebröd and an apple a day keep the doctor away.”
Talking clichés: The ceremony started with ABBA’s “Mamma Mia”. University staff recommended us several times to visit IKEA, not only for our apartments. “They also have cheap fika there. You should try the cinnamon rolls!” I love these rolls, but the Swedes also praise them passionately. As a highlight we got to see a short film which makes the country look like paradise. It is. For me, and especially if you work in PR, I guess.


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