Little rumours

My temporary hometown Lidingö is an island. Still, it is not more than 20 minutes from there to Stockholm city. These two facts give it the reputation as a somewhat nicer place to live at. Not as posh as Östermalm but just the right corner for you who don’t want to share the neighbourhood with just ordinary people.

Of course this reputation is not true for every part of the island and especially not for a student house. To be honest, my home and the surrounding buildings are more what comes out if you have to create living space for many people in a short time.

During my first days here I didn’t see more of the island than these monstrosities and already became a bit sceptic about Lidingö’s reputation but now I’ve found time to explore. And when I passed beautiful wooden houses with a large garden, private access to the shore, maybe even a jetty, a boat and a swimming pool, all decorated with a Porsche next to the front door… then I knew that there is a kernel of truth in every story.

20160823_171728 - Kopie


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