Meeting Cornelia

I went to the library to get a library card and there was a small, unspectacular poster. “Author visiting, today 6 pm” it said and the face on the photo next to it I recognised immediately: Cornelia Funke. It was quarter past five. I had no other plans for the rest of the day.

Together with some others I could meet and listen to one of my absolute favourite authors from childhood. It was impressing! She was impressing! Being asked a question she gave long answers, and everyone just listened deeply. I couldn’t get my eyes off her face. It always took some seconds until someone raised the hand again when she had stopped – we first had to wake up from the hypnotic state she put us into.

We got “Bläckhjärta” and another novella as a present which she signed and dedicated. As we were only a few I could actually talk to her which retransformed me into the 13-year-old excited version of myself. Two hours later I’m still smiling, the happiest child in the whole student house. Thanks, Cornelia!

20160830_185657 (2)



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