Back to school

Swedish is easy if you already speak German and English: eine Lampe, a lamp, en lampa. Ein Glas, a glas, ett glas. And so on. It took me some months until I became fluent in Swedish and today it’s easier than English to me, at least in everyday life conversations.

Now I’m doing the Swedish language course. Why that? Until today I don’t have any proof for my language skills in Swedish, despite the fact that I speak it. No reference, no certificate. University offers language courses for everyone – and I take this chance (and some easy credit points). Course 5 of 5 which I am attending is on level B2. We read a newspaper article together and talked about our favourite holidays with the person sitting next to us. Great! And put up name signs in front us. It is like being back in school. I love it!
Fun fact: After I did this language comparison in the beginning I continued writing the text. And did first realise after about 100 words that I had switched to German. Erasmus leaves its trace.



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