Late summer freedom

This weekend was dominated by water, the sky and everything you would associate with that (don’t combine it – it’s not about rain). Think: Sky above water. Sun. Rocks. Boats. A moderate breeze.

My friend Caro and I rented a kayak in Stockholm and paddled around Kungsholmen, one of the central islands of the city. A feeling of being close to nature, using your muscles combined with the beautiful skyline around us: the pretty houses of Vasastan, City Hall, a glimpse of the Royal Castle.

Later we had a barbecue on Lidingö while “we” in that case means some twenty people from my student house. Wonderful people at a wonderful place with wonderful weather – you could have produced any image film there for whatever you like, no matter if that’s Stockholm, the Erasmus program or just some cheap 3.5-beer from the grocery store.

Coming back to sky, even Saturday night fits: The party place in Östermalm where I (weird enough) ended up didn’t have a roof above its dance floor. Not too bad, actually.



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