My Blueberry Days

Sorry Germany, but sometimes Sweden simply is the place to be. For example when it comes to blueberries. These delicious small berries that would paint your lips in a soft tone of purple, no matter how carefully you eat them. That make gorgeous jam, ice cream, muffins and more. Back in Germany you have three options to get them:
1. Buy a small box in the supermarket for way too much money.
2. Buy a package of frozen ones – cheaper but not at all as delicious.
3. Have two or three blueberry plants in your garden and treat the yearly harvest of about 37 berries like a treasure.
Obviously, none of these options is really satisfying. Here on Lidingö you can find places with blueberry plants as far as the eye can see. When I went there on Sunday to pick some as dessert for me and a friend, I only took the most beautiful ones. Because I could. After just a short while I realised that I probably had enough berries for half of the week. I still have some left. And the forest has thousands.



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