Cultural challenges or how to build a pair of scales

Germans are known to be accurate in everything they do and at least if it comes to recipes this is true. Every ingredient usually is measured precisely in grams and kilograms. This is also the case in one of my favourite recipes for curry where you need 650 grams of potatoes and carrots. Swedes in contrast barely use weight to measure ingredients, but go by decilitres instead (short reminder: that’s 100 millilitres). Thus, in every household you will find at least one decilitre-cup but no scales. Measuring the weight of vegetables in such a cup unfortunately is slightly difficult.
Luckily, the cheese saved me! I knew that the package had had 700 grams and I hadn’t eaten much of it. A construction made by a coat-hanger, my kitchen cupboard, two plastic bags and the cheese as a reference finally told me that I have to go shopping before I can cook the curry. I think I have done justice to the German reputation not only of being accurate but also having extraordinary engineering skills.

20160928_131440 - Kopie.jpg


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