The Swedes are special about their food. Not only that they have a word specifically referring to cooked food (“mat”), it’s important that you get this twice a day. Just having small sandwiches during the day isn’t considered to be a good way of living.

Despite this attitude the university doesn’t offer cheap student restaurants. The German concept of Mensa, where you get a meal for about 2 €, doesn’t exist. If you want to buy food at campus that will cost you at least three times as much.

Smart and clever as they are the Swedes have come up with an alternative concept: microwaves. Instead of cheap restaurants the university offers rooms equipped with a huge number of microwaves that are free for everyone to use. Students decently line up there, holding their boxes with homemade food in their hands (Swedish: “lunchlåda”). People even clean up when they made a mess! This concept actually isn’t too bad. At least it keeps me cooking. And it enlarges my budget for coffee and cinnamon rolls.



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