Rosenhill – it’s real

These days I had the possibility to visit what my friend Caro calls “a very special place”. And indeed, it is. Rosenhill is an organic farm, a café and a cider grower at the same time. During this time of the year, lots of woofing people from everywhere are producing hundreds of liters of apple juice there; some take care of the fields, some of the animals.

At the same time, Rosenhill is the place where Caro’s boyfriend Erik grew up, located on the island Ekerö which has a lovely landscape and still is close to Stockholm. Despite October showing its rough and rainy side, Rosenhill was wonderful when I visited it together with Caro and Erik. We watched the probably happiest pigs on earth digging their noses deep into the mud. We ate apples right from the trees outside and fresh tomatoes in the greenhouse, then petted chicken at “Hentopia”. The day was topped by warm, spicy apple juice and pie with vanilla sauce at the café’s barn and finally fresh sour dough bread. Organic at its best!

20161009_154221 - Kopie.jpg


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