…and some culture, please.

Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern, better known as Dramaten: A majestic entrance, venerable stairs and pillars, marble, gold, paintings, several floors and balconies. Visiting this should probably be a special event. Something you’ve been looking forward to for weeks, a birthday present, together with friends or family.

When I went there, nothing of this was the case. My Swedish teacher once had mentioned that Dramaten would show “Doktor Glas”, the Swedish classic we read in class. He highly recommended it, I asked my friend Caro to join, but she is busy learning and I dropped the idea. But then, this weekend, I decided to give it a shot. In lack of Swedish speaking friends I went to Dramaten alone, around noon on a Saturday, half an hour before the show. I got the cheap last minute price and sat in one of the last rows.

It was worth it! The actor did an impressive job, all alone on stage for one hour and twenty. It was much funnier than I had expected it. And I have been to Dramaten. Check.




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