Welcome back

With sunshine and 16 degrees on Sunday, Germany obviously didn’t want to make it easy for me to leave. Or the country was just happy to get rid of me again. Stockholm though has changed quite a bit since I left, especially weather-wise. Last week seems to have been exactly the right time to swap summer jacket and shoes against the winter versions: It’s raining cats and dogs, it’s stormy and it’s fucking cold! For the rest of the week the forecast predicts temperatures that feel like below 0° but actually aren’t. So there won’t be snow, just wannabe-snow refusing to accept that it really isn’t more than rain. Thanks Stockholm, I’m glad as well to meet you again!

On top of that, as clocks have changed, the (felt) amount of light has decreased significantly. It reminds me of mid-december light in Germany right before Christmas. The fact that only November has just begun doesn’t bode well for the coming weeks here. Winter clearly is coming… At least they have started to sell pepparkakor.



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