Lovely November

One of the good things with Stockholm is that nature is so close. Yesterday morning, my friend Caro and I took a boat from the city to the island Svartsö to spend our weekend in the archipelago. This evening we came back and in between it felt like far away on holiday.
Most people probably associate the archipelago with summer times, Saltkrokan, bathing and sailing. I think the islands are nearly as recommendable during the rest of the year, maybe especially in winter. Now Svartsö was already softly covered in snow, both water and sky were grey as steel. Wind sprayed waves up the shore and the jetty, swept snowflakes off the roofs and painted noses and cheeks red.
Caro and I were the only guests in the cozy hostel and except from two walks in the cold we spent our time inside, reading and doing a puzzle with 2000 pieces. So relaxing… We cooked good food, drank liters of tea and ate tons of oranges, clementines and German ginger bread that I had brought here last week. Welcome winter!



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