Two big news

I can still hear my friend and favorite American say: I hope – and I assume – that she will just annihilate him. That’s really the most likely.
That was not even 24 hours ago. Now, the world seems to be a different one. Getting up in the morning I usually do not check the news immediately but give myself some minutes and a shower to wake up before getting informed. Today I opened my browser as soon as my alarm had started and the feeling that occurred then reminded me of that Brexit morning some months ago. Just much worse. A total unwillingness to believe what I was reading combined with something close to pure fear. This could just not be true, I thought. My friend’s first reaction: Wow, I am speechless. What the hell?

Later this day a host at the Swedish Radio was talking about today’s “two big news”. For a second I thought I had missed something terrible. Then she continued: “Donald Trump will be the next US-president. And it’s snowing heavily in Stockholm.” Life goes on, I guess.



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