Royal times

Even though I’ve spent a lot of time in Sweden since I first came here in 2010 I still have some struggles with one of the essential parts of Swedish identity: the royals. Again and again I have to look up the members of the royal family on Wikipedia because I never remember their names, weddings and babies. Carl-Philip-Oskar-Gustav-Adolf the ten-twenty… whatever. It’s just not my world.

It might not surprise you that I never visited the royal castle in Stockholm. This weird, gigantic, grey-brownish box, always with some construction works going on… Fortunately, my German friend Sabrina is visiting me this weekend. She as well had never been to the castle and I agreed on visiting it. I have to admit that it was really worth it! The castle is definitely more impressive inside that I expected based on its outer appearance. As a bonus there even was an exhibition on royal wedding dresses of the past 40 years. Gorgeous! And quite helpful for me to keep apart all those queens and princesses.



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