Experimental food

A couple of days ago my Instagram feed generated an ad that I couldn’t get out of my mind for quite a while. It finally made me buy something which I never had bought otherwise. But let’s start from the beginning.
Sweden definitely is not known for its cuisine. Thanks to IKEA everyone knows köttbullar (even if only few know how to pronounce that properly) but beyond that there is not much more. A reason for that could be that these handsome Swedes tend to be a bit odd when it comes to food and combining different ingredients. I got used to that by now and well, Digestive-cookies served with Swedish Präst-cheese are actually quite good.
But then this ad promoted Christmas-spiced blue cheese in a tube and suggested to try it on Swedish ginger bread. The comments of my German facebook-friends on that contained puking emojis.
But I felt challenged. I bought the cheese. I tried it on pepparkakor. And I have to admit: I liked it. If you get the chance, try it! Good job, you marketing guys.


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