Christmas time travelling

Did you know that the world’s first open air museum was opened in Stockholm in the year 1891? “Skansen” still exists today and it definitely is among my favorite things to see here. The museum shows Swedish life style throughout the centuries in houses and factory buildings from the whole country that have been moved to the area. Today, you wander around from a 1930s’ grocery store to a 1830s’ printery and continue to a 1870s’ farm. Dressed up people in the buildings tell you about “their” time or show you traditional craft skills.
Besides, visiting Skansen this first weekend of Advent was a great opportunity to start mental preparation for Christmas. My favorite American and I got to see the houses decorated with lights and fir branches, tables prepared for Christmas dinner. In one living room from the early 1800s two fiddlers started playing Swedish folk music right when we walked in. And in the bakery we got the most perfect lussekatter I’ve ever had. Skansen is highly recommended.



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