The Ronja experience

Seven square meters in a cabin entirely made of wood. No running water, no electricity. A doorless outhouse. Not even eight hours of daylight a day. A twenty minutes walk to the next road accessible for cars. Miles and miles of forest. 48 hours alone.

I guess this business trip last week was a rather unusual one, even for a journalist. I enjoyed it as I never did with a business trip before.
I learned that I can easily go without civilization and company for two days. That darkness is not scary, rather inconvenient. That birch burns well.
I realized how beautiful a new moon is. How weird deodorant smells. How one proper hat and scarf, one pair of gloves and good-quality shoes really are enough.
I began to understand why people regarded the sun as a goddess. But also, why they started to invent convenient things that make life easier. Such as electric light, water pipes and fridges. Airplanes and smartphones. Make up and Instagram and ….wait. Let’s go back to the forest for a while.



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