The Nobel show

I admit, I thought I had learned the essentials of Swedish culture during the past six years. Shockingly, I had missed the Nobel Prize Dinner.

I knew that dinner existed. I did not know about the hours of live reporting on it on Swedish TV. Saturday night, prime time! First pre-reporting as you might know it from, let’s say, elections. Instead of discussing polls, they interviewed the kitchen chef, the flower guy and a fashion expert commenting on the dresses. Later a home story about the girl that welcomed the guests, practicing her single sentence in five different languages. During the dinner classic live commenting: “Here we see Crown Princess Victoria talking to physics laureate Kosterlitz, next to him Prince Daniel…” It was amazing.

And even better: they included home videos, the Nobel Dinner is a countrywide thing! Apparently, every second school or kindergarten organizes its own. Three year olds in tuxedos, eating fancy ice cream out of IKEA plastic bowls – how could I miss this?



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