Bye bye, Fjällis!

This is the last night at Fjällis. When a guy from my home university saw it for the first time he said it looked like one of our main buildings there. That is not a compliment and indeed, the student house I have been living in during the past months is quite an awful house, with plain rooms and leaky windows. It’s higher and more squared than all the buildings around. You have a nice view from the upper floors, they even have balconies. Of course, I live on the ground floor, without a balcony. It also somehow is one building with a school with just a small backyard in between. This causes noise at annoying hours and of course, my room lays vis-à-vis one of the school’s class rooms. I think by now I know all the teacher’s jackets by heart.

Despite all this, Fjällis is connected with certain people and the wonderful time we spent here together. I feel a bit melancholy to leave tomorrow. Once, we even visited the public balcony in the upper floor to see the sunset, a day back in October.

20161002_181455 - Kopie.jpg


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