The Stockholm syndrome

I discovered an effect that is very common among people here and I wanna call it the Stockholm syndrome. People suffering from it tend to revolve around themselves in a certain way I’ll try to explain. It’s common to meet people that grew up here, never lived anywhere else and don’t plan to do so either. You may hear people talk about Göteborg or Malmö but everything else in the country is just collected under the term “the rest of Sweden”. The rest’s biggest part north of Stockholm is completely ignored.

People live and work in the city and spend their weekends and summers in the archipelago. (And their winters in Thailand.) They read books and see TV series that are set in Stockholm. The variation you get is about time: Stockholm today, Stockholm in the 40s, Stockholm in the early 1900s. In that case, some scenes probably are filmed at Skansen, the (Stockholm!) outdoor museum.

It can be annoying from time to time. But after all I understand it. It’s just very, very nice to live here.



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