Fika recommendations vol. 1

I’m traveling back, I’m not happy about it but instead of writing a lot about dorky feelings, I’ll do something useful and document the fika and food places I’ve visited in Stockholm during the last months.

Café String: Good pastries and a great and reasonable brunch buffet on weekends. The place’s style is a combination of punk and your grandma’s living room. Södermalm.

Flickorna Helin: Very cozy inside, nice places outside during summer. The best lussebulle I ever ate, but even other delicious pastries and smaller food. Djurgården.

Snickarbacken 7: Cozy, arty, urban style, also nice as a work place. Good coffee, pastries and smaller food. Little pricey. Östermalm.

Fabrique: Small, simple café and bakery in an old-fashioned, crafty style. Delicious semlor! Östermalm.

Café Saturnus: Nice atmosphere, very mixed people, huge cinnamon buns. Little pricey. Östermalm.

Vetekatten: Classy café with traditional Swedish pastries. Big but still cozy due to several rooms. City center.

To be continued…



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