Food recommendations vol. 4

Finally, the Stockholm food guide comes to an end.

FLFL: delicious Levantine kitchen, much space to sit and still a nice atmosphere. Södermalm.

Lily’s Burger: Authentic American burger place with good and fat burgers and super sweet milkshakes for reasonable prices. Södermalm.

Phil’s Burger: Upper Class style and higher prices compared to Lily’s. Nevertheless good food and a delicious halloumi burger for veggies. Östermalm.

BrewDog Bar: The only bar in my guide (I really had a food priority…). Gigantic selection of beers, cool wooden style, nice atmosphere. Södermalm.

As I only had around five months in Stockholm, there are some places that I would have liked to visit but never made it there. Maybe you can tell me anything about them? On my list were:

Café Kringlan, Östermalm.
Sturekatten, Östermalm.
Tösse Bageriet, Östermalm.
Kaffeverket, Vasastan.
Pom & Flora, Södermalm.

Do you have additional recommendations?  Please let me know! I’m sure it won’t take too long until I’m back in Stockholm.



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