Being back

This afternoon I happened to check my watch when it was just a few minutes past five. Exactly one week ago, I thought, I was sitting on board a plane at Arlanda airport, ready for takeoff. Now I instead sat in the library at Dortmund’s university with a view on my laptop, the parking lot and the weird air train outside the window.

One week since I left Stockholm.

During the first days I was shocked of how dirty, shitty and ugly Dortmund is (not only) in a direct comparison. I got used to it quicker than I had expected. Tragic.

My life is different now: I have a new flat mate, I don’t have any appointments, just the master thesis to write and that is the reason why I went to uni today, the first time since I came back. I didn’t meet anyone I know there. Everyone seems very young. And inside the student restaurant’s building (which is something like the heart of the campus) they have renovated everything. So nice, but no one had even told me! I guess it is time to get done with my studies.



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