I am a European.

The first thing I heard on the radio this morning was about Trump’s team calling Brussels only to ask who is next to leave the EU. Then there was a report about some British “expert” doubting that the EU is going to exist much longer. And last but not least Victor Orbán who stated that “there are no Europeans”.
I didn’t expect Orbán to say anything close to my opinion, but this is nothing about an opinion, it’s just a lie (oh, of course you can call it an alternative fact).

I am a European.

During the past months I‘ve met an enormous number of wonderful people thanks to the EU. I’ve met people from Sweden, Norway and Finland, from France, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Britain, Germany and others, even from Russia, the US and China. I’m quite sure that many of them identify as Europeans, as well as I do. In fact, my British friend Jordan told me how worried he is that Brexit will take away his European citizenship. My life as it is today wouldn’t be possible without Europe.

CIMG6798 - Kopie.JPG


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