Great things ahead

A huge amount of money left my bank account. Sad news. At the same time I got mail: booking confirmation. That is incredibly good news! Until now I‘ve travelled a lot but never left the European continent. I’d had the idea for a while that 2017 should be the year for me to do that, because luckily I’m living in one of those countries where people have several weeks of holidays a year. But that had only been a loose plan, I didn’t even know where to travel first. (Would you know??) Then, a couple of months ago, a blonde American guy entered the scene and changed a lot. Now I feel that the US is definitely worth being the first non-European country I visit in my life. I’m curious, excited and already counting the days until departure.

Just a bit concerned about that new president they got over there… hope he doesn’t exceed his bans on potential communists, such as Europeans. As a German, I’ll have to pretend being an engineer then, specialized on building walls. I guess they’ll let me in.



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