It’s Karneval at home! From an intellectual perspective I understand that people find this tradition entirely weird but honestly I feel deeply sorry for them. Those who do not love Cologne’s mentality have not understood this local patriotism paired with tolerance, expressed in thousands of songs: People sing to their city, its quarters and colors, the smile on its face and that there’s no word to express their feelings for it. There is a song about inhabitants with different national and religious backgrounds standing as one, about true friends and inviting people who can’t afford it for a drink. People repeatedly remind themselves of the most important landmarks in Cologne, the river Rhine and the cathedral, sing about heaven, god, beer and lovely women. And then the universal line: Let’s celebrate, fun and joy has never done harm to anyone. It’s a lot of text and all written in dialect but there is good news to all newbies: In the end, every second song goes on lalala. Just join it!



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