Pulse of Europe

I’m a journalist, not a political activist and the only time I took part in a demo was two years ago when there was a big counterdemonstration against Pegida in Stuttgart (without Pegida actually marching there).

Still, during the last months I’ve often felt that I would like to demonstrate for Europe, because that’s something I support, consider as necessary for peace in this part of the world (and – egoistic, I know – for my own lifestyle) and that might be in danger. So when I got a mail from my uni’s Erasmus-coordinator calling for support for Pulse of Europe Dortmund it didn’t take me long to join the facebook-event.

I admit that I was late because I couldn’t stop chatting with my roommate, but I came in time for the human chain which became surprisingly long. When I later walked home with my small yellow-star-spangled blue flag I was a little proud of myself. Why don’t you join? In Dortmund they want the human chain to go round the Phoenix-lake. It needs some more people for that!



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