Travelling north!

I’ve heard people comparing Stockholm and Hamburg before, saying that the cities feel similar. I never agreed, until I travelled to Hamburg again last weekend and actually was reminded of Stockholm. Maybe because of the water, maybe because of the beautiful weather (which Stockholm always has, of course.) Or maybe due to the number of well dressed people, that’s significantly higher in Hamburg than, for example, in Dortmund. Sharing these thoughts with my friends we wondered if there’s a Swedish equivalent to the German word “Schickeria”. I couldn’t tell. You Swedish-and-German-speaking people out there – do you know?

The weekend’s highlight was supposed to be the Lion King Musical and indeed it was, albeit closely followed by the two men that happened to stand next to me at the boardwalk. I couldn’t resist eavesdropping them for a little while. They were on the older side, obviously enjoying sun and wind and talking about the lovely breeze or, more accurate, about “den härliga brisen”.

20170324_122645 - Kopie


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