Running Ruhrgebiet

Back in October I started running. It is weird, because I had hated running my entire life and Swedish fall does not seem like the most natural situation to change that. Still, the forest right behind my house made running much easier and actually enjoyable.
Of course I’ve had plans to continue that career, but sadly it was over after exactly one time running in Dortmund, due to laziness (I admit) but also due to the lack of trails and nature around me.

Today I made the first step to change that status and went to a running trail my roommate had recommended. It was nice but again I realized some significant differences between Dortmund and Lidingö: There I had a bunch of pathways to choose from, here some weren’t even usable (see photo). There I sometimes stopped to enjoy the perfect silence. Here I had the constant background sound of thousands of soccer fans cheering and singing “You’ll never walk alone”. And, by the way, even that is true inside the Ruhrgebiet’s small nature areas.

20170429_153353 - Kopie


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