Running Campus

I once heard a saying that doing things for the first time will keep you young. I’m not bothered about my age yet, but I try to keep doing first-time-stuff anyway. It’s exciting!

My today’s new experience was joining a running event, mentally supported by my friend Linda. In fact she has contributed significantly to both the idea and its realization, for example while encouraging me to take my running shoes to our short holiday and then by accident running (and walking) nearly 12 kilometers because we underestimated the distance at the beach. But that’s another story.

Well – thank you Linda! That running event today gave me a glimpse of why people run marathons without being forced to it. That feeling when I crossed the finish and had run 5 kilometers (I know it’s not THAT much…) without stopping, that mixture of pride and breathlessness… it carries potential addiction. Even if I’m still skeptical about if it can compete with the attraction of chocolate, ice cream and a nap in the sun.

IMG-20170531-WA0008 - Kopie


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