Off to America

I’m typing this text at a gate at Frankfurt Airport. It’s a big day. For the first time in my life I’m travelling to the US, and even more, leaving Europe, the continent I love. And already now, I’ve spent incredibly much time, thoughts and effort on this journey.

Of course the only reason why I’m able to write this text now is that I arrived at the airport way too early. I could have come here at least one hour later and had in fact planned to do that. But then, some days after I‘d booked the train ticket I started to get worried about unexpected events that could possibly happen on my way to the airport, so I spent 30 Euros on another, earlier ticket.

I had also planned to bring homemade jelly as a gift for people I’m going to meet in the US. I‘d already packed it when I once more checked the lists of prohibited items to bring to the US. Suddenly I found some information on agricultural products that are not allowed and wasn’t sure if jelly is affected by that rule. Thinking about the fee of 60000 that can be charged for undeclared items and about the stories I’ve heard about US boarder controls I decided that it’s not worth the risk. If it continues like this I’ll definitely be ready for holiday when I’m back.



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