Way out west

I remember how I already as a kid had wanted to travel to the United States – because of the landscape, not the people, as I always stressed. I admit, I had a lot of prejudices. Which means that being invited by a friend from Colorado was probably the best thing that could have happened.

During the last days I got to know a whole wonderful family that proved most of my prejudices to be false or at least non-universal. And as parts of that family live in the lovely town of Manitou Springs right on the edge of the Rocky Mountains I find myself surrounded by an amazing landscape constantly since I arrived. I’m sure some of the red dust from the Garden of the Gods will stick on my hiking boots forever.

People here even seem to have some kind of local patriotism, talking about Colorado as the country’s most beautiful state. I don’t know if people in Oklahoma, Wyoming or North Dakota say the same about their places and obviously I can’t tell if it’s true. But the Colorado-folks might be right.



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