Size matters

I guess my first impressions of the US were quite typical for being a European’s: feeling like you were beamed right into a movie. Confused by meaningless „how are you“-conversations with strangers. And astonished by the enormous size of basically everything.

Of course cars are bigger than in Europe and so are the streets, as a perfectly reasonable consequence. Only once I’ve seen the territory win over the human desire to spread, resulting in a winding street in a neighborhood near the mountains. The road seemed like the average one in my little German hometown. I know for sure why we don’t drive on them with SUVs.

Sofas are bigger, as well as kitchen sinks, bath tubs, ice cream portions, food portions in general and of course supermarkets. To maximize even that experience my friend took me to Costco. After I’ve now seen sugar packages that reminded me of soil bags in a German building center, I’m not sure if anything can surprise me any more. But I guess they’ll come up with something.



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