Cheers, Colo-gne-rado!

My friend Nate happens to have a friend who just opened a brewery in Denver. We decided to check it out and wanted to go there for lunch and a beer, even though Zuni Street Brewery is quite far away from Downtown. No worries, we thought, a bit of walking can’t do no harm…

But Denver is a big city. The walk was a long one. After about half of it I started to get hungry for real. Still, the hope for a burger and a beer gave me the power to make it. We stepped into the place, which had a cool design and seemed inviting – except they didn’t offer food. This enourmous disappointment destroyed something deep inside my heart (or rather stomach) and I couldn’t imagine how I should ever be able to like the place. Until I saw their menu. The first beer in the list was – believe it or not – Kölsch! This delicious, golden piece of home, brewed right in the middle of Denver made me so happy, I simply forgot that I had been hungry. And for this time, I could even forgive them using the wrong glasses.



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