The green

My last text was mainly about beer and I realize that after this one I might seem like a person which is especially fond of drugs. Which I am not, just to make that clear. Still, after visiting Denver for two weeks I feel that this story has to be told.

Some days ago my friend and I ended up driving behind a car that was moving very weirdly, veeery slowly most of all. „The person driving that car is probably high“, my friend guessed. In fct, when we finally passed the car, we saw the driver smoking something and looking quite happy overall.
Of course, it’s prohibited to drive after having smoked marihuana, but in general it‘s legalized in Colorado. You see (and smell!) people smoking pot in parks, at bus stops and during family dinners. If you wanna get high in Colorado, just look for signs advertising for „finest herbal remidies“ or „native roots“. I’m sure you’ll find what you want: Apperently, in Downtown Denver, there are today more shops selling weed than there are Starbucks shops.



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