NYC in 141 and a half words

Four days. On my own. Crowded. People. Black. Brown. Yellow. Red. White. Mixed. People. Rainbow-colored. Glittering. Celebrating. Proud. People. Pride. Marching. English. Spanish. French. Some German, complaining of course. Chinese. Dutch. Swedish. Some Norwegian, delighted of course. Bedford-Stuyvesant. Baptist church. Gospel. Worship. Block party. Firework. Street food. Street fruits. Mexican, Indian, Cuban cuisine. A burger. A bagel. Two bagels. And Ice cream. Lots of ice cream. Public transport. Hours. Waiting. Travelling. Music. People. Free wifi. „It’s a great city but no one can stand it 52 weeks a year.“ Pictures. Photos. Selfies. Counting avenues. Counting streets. Counting wrong. East, west, right, left. Lost. Counting again. Walking. Miles. Skyline. Blue sky. Skyscrapers. Little sky. 9/11 memorial. Tissue boxes aside. Childhood memories. Ellis island. Migrant stories. Lady Liberty. What does it mean to be an American? Stars and Stripes. Tourists. Lines. Locals. Visitors. Peo



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