Conquering the grill

At a private party, a friend and I had been asked for help with the barbecue. As soon as the first guests arrived, some of the men generously offered their help aka declared their ambitions to take over the grill. I had expected that, but was ready to take the challenge.

One of them I recognized as a mansplainer as soon as he entered the door. When my friend and I started to get the grill going, he took tools and coal bags out of our hands. He constantly stood next to us and soon my friend left. But I was ready to fight. I wouldn’t step aside. I withstood embarrassing silence. I made provoking comments. He didn’t get it. Eventually I said: „I’m gonna do this, I’ve been asked to.“
Believe it or not, he handed me the barbecue tongs. Of course he wouldn’t stop explaining what I had to do, mentioning that he was a food science engineer specialized on meat products. I kept the barbecue tongs and cooked all of the party’s sausages.

I didn’t tell him that I’ve been vegetarian for several years.

CIMG7024 - Kopie


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