Hei til deg, Norge!

My job leads me to Norway this week so today – again – I got up at 4 and travelled to Stavanger – on time! I’ve been super excited about this because it’s my first time in Norway, SKAM-country with its oh-so-cheerful language, but it feels like the first day was rather non-Norwegian.

When I waited for the bus at Stavanger Airport (which has exactly the same corporate design as Arlanda), a guy next to me started a conversation in Swedish, apparently assuming that I was from Sweden (despite my obviously German deuter-backpack). He asked if I was going to work here as a nurse. ‘Cause what else would a Swede do in Norway?

When I later walked through Stavanger’s pretty streets, I realized two things: The giant box rising up behind the picturesque wooden houses that turned out to be a cruise ship and the waves of tourists that noisily flooded the Sunday-calm cobblestone alleys. Most of them German.

I’m actually looking forward to start working tomorrow. There I’ll definitely meet Norwegians.

170827_Hei til deg Norge.JPG


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