Day Savers

To do some research I had to go to Otta, a small town 250 kilometers south-east of Trondheim. The nearly four hour ride (Norwegian roads and speed limits… ) led through spectecularly beautiful landscape, up and down the mountains, but it was challenging to keep concentrated on driving. I was nervous about the ride back that I had planned to do the same day.

Shortly after I had left Otta again I saw a hitchhiker next to the road, waving and smiling at the cars, but exactly as the other vehicles, I passed. While doing that I could see his young, disappointed face and his small backpack and already regretted my choice. Only three weeks ago I tried to hitchhike for the first time which nearly didn’t work at all – a very frustrating experience.

As soon as possible I turned, drove back and for the first time in my life picked up a hitchhiker. Sebastian, 18, from Madrid had already lost hope to reach Trondheim that day, but I saved his trip and he saved mine. I guess we made each other’s days.



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