Tiny Norway

Seen from a geography perspective, Norway is a fairly large country, at least in European dimensions. Seen from a population perspective, it’s not. Here’s why:

In an interview on Wednesday, L, the person I talked to, said: „You should really discuss this with P!“ I had already scheduled an interview with this exact P for Friday, not knowing that L and P knew each other.

P had told me that his friend H join us because he would have a lot contribute. Some of the things H said strongly reminded me of a mail I had gotten from B, that I was about to meet later that day. Indeed H added: „There‘s another person that can tell you more, B, and he told me that you‘re gonna meet him.“

Another time I listened to radio news during a car ride. The host said: „Interview done by L.“ L? Wasn’t that my Erasmus-friend, the only Norwegian I know, who happens to be a journalist? When I asked him about it, it turned out that, indeed, he had done the interview. I heard him! The final proof of Norway’s tinyness.

170903_Tiny Norway.JPG


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