It’s Karneval at home! From an intellectual perspective I understand that people find this tradition entirely weird but honestly I feel deeply sorry for them. Those who do not love Cologne’s mentality have not understood this local patriotism paired with tolerance, expressed in thousands of songs: People sing to their city, its quarters and colors, […]

The same procedure as… never before

The original plan for this New Year’s Eve had been to spend it together with my friends Helen and Michelle. As usual for these kinds of plans, things went back and forth and ended up entirely different from the first idea. I finally spent the night with Michelle (as planned!) and my friend Caro plus […]

Stockholm, you’ve got me

I’ve always been skeptical about Stockholm but only the last two days (and especially this night) made me reverse that decision. Thanks to Stockholms Kulturfestival, I spent the evening dancing to funky music on Gustav Adolfs Torg, next to the water, between Opera, Parliament and the Royal Castle. And some random beautiful Stockholm houses (each […]