Swedish season logic

It started with an innocent smalltalk question. “How long are you going to stay here?”, my colleague asked. “Until midsummer”, I replied, “a couple of weeks.” I shouldn’t have added that. The reaction was dramatic. “Don’t say it’s only a couple of weeks until midsummer! I can’t stand that. I cannot stand anything out there!” […]

The Stockholm syndrome

I discovered an effect that is very common among people here and I wanna call it the Stockholm syndrome. People suffering from it tend to revolve around themselves in a certain way I’ll try to explain. It’s common to meet people that grew up here, never lived anywhere else and don’t plan to do so […]

The same procedure as… never before

The original plan for this New Year’s Eve had been to spend it together with my friends Helen and Michelle. As usual for these kinds of plans, things went back and forth and ended up entirely different from the first idea. I finally spent the night with Michelle (as planned!) and my friend Caro plus […]