NYC in 141 and a half words

Four days. On my own. Crowded. People. Black. Brown. Yellow. Red. White. Mixed. People. Rainbow-colored. Glittering. Celebrating. Proud. People. Pride. Marching. English. Spanish. French. Some German, complaining of course. Chinese. Dutch. Swedish. Some Norwegian, delighted of course. Bedford-Stuyvesant. Baptist church. Gospel. Worship. Block party. Firework. Street food. Street fruits. Mexican, Indian, Cuban cuisine. A burger. […]

Off to America

I’m typing this text at a gate at Frankfurt Airport. It’s a big day. For the first time in my life I’m travelling to the US, and even more, leaving Europe, the continent I love. And already now, I’ve spent incredibly much time, thoughts and effort on this journey. Of course the only reason why […]